Wednesday September 29: Theater of La Criée “Médée”

Text Sénèque Translation Florence Dupont Staging and scenography Tommy Milliot

With Bénédicte Cerutti, Charlotte Clamens, Cyril Gueï, Miglen Mirtchev and a pair of children in work-study

With a dramatic power that heralds Shakespeare, Seneca’s Medea brings to mind the most contradictory feelings. In the contemporary translation of Florence Dupont, a Latinist who revolutionized our approach to Roman tragedy, Seneca’s Medea, directed by the young Tommy Milliot, creates confusion. This repudiated woman gathers her forces and wants to triumph over the power of men. In her fury, she becomes the monster; Horror then became inevitable. The viewer is captivated by an almost operatic story. The subtle play on sound and light, flawless acting direction, will convey the heartbreaking side of an infanticide mother and the mystery of revenge.