About Us

We are the Friends of Mucem, a thousand members from Marseille, all over France and abroad, who share a common passion for Mucem, the museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations. Day after day, we seek to make the Mucem known and appreciated as widely as possible, help people understand its role as a museum of society and thus participate in its influence in France and internationally. In addition, we support the cultural development of Mucem and promote exchanges in order to improve the understanding of the cultures of the Mediterranean and of Europe. Thanks to a network of 100 particularly active volunteers, we offer our members multiple activities (exhibitions, conferences, trips, etc.), rich and regular information and many other advantages. In 2015, an English-speaking section was created providing its own means of communication in English, thus optimizing the visibility of Mucem in the English-speaking world. In 2018, we initiated a specific section called “Quai 201” bringing together young adults aged 18 to 35: they develop and lead their own cultural activities with the support of the association. New blood to secure the future of our company! You too, join the Friends of Mucem and take part in an ambitious project: to make Mucem “not only a museum, but a lighthouse that radiates Mediterranean cultures… and the new nerve center of the city“.